Napos Oldal a Sérült Emberekért Alapítvány

„Küldetésünk, hogy teljesebbé tegyük a fogyatékossággal élők életét."
"A szeretet gyógyítja az embert, azt is aki adja, azt is aki kapja."


Andrea Szabo Boronyakne
Contact and Webmaster

My name is Andrea Szabo. When I was 10 months old my body was attacked by a disease that the doctors did not cure. (It was diagnosed before only in the case of boys.) They said I von't live more than 12 years Fortunately they were not right. . Though I live in a wheelchair and I cannot take care of myself completely but I live and I am happy. I live in my own flat with my mate, I have a jov that I love. After I graduated from highschool in 2007, I started to seek a joB and was full of go. After 2 years I found the advertisement of the Sunny Side Foundation. It was the happiest day in my life when I got my first pay. It was the first time I got money for my work. I felt and still feel myself useful. I can get to know a lot of people so my horizon has widened. I feel that I have found my place in the world and in the society since I have a job and my work is relied on.


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