Napos Oldal a Sérült Emberekért Alapítvány

„Küldetésünk, hogy teljesebbé tegyük a fogyatékossággal élők életét."
"A szeretet gyógyítja az embert, azt is aki adja, azt is aki kapja."


Kata Takacs
Head of Advisory Board and Social Promoter


Name: I am Kata Takacs, I was born in Szeged, 1961. Profession/Job: I worked in a kindergarten so I have some experience I make use of during te workshops.  After my state of health had been spoilt I  operated water dodgems as a constractor, made workshops for children.  Now, as the head of the  Sunny Side Foundation, I  can realize in my work all the things that I love. Family: I live with my 23-year-old son who  grew up among disabled people. He is still an active volunteer in our camps and events, I am proud of his  social attitude Great eents in my life: I christianized in 1994 and from then my life has changed  radically. Important things in my life: faith, family, work and friendship are the most important things.