Napos Oldal a Sérült Emberekért Alapítvány

„Küldetésünk, hogy teljesebbé tegyük a fogyatékossággal élők életét."
"A szeretet gyógyítja az embert, azt is aki adja, azt is aki kapja."


Matyas Dombi 
Assistant officer

I am Mátyás Dombi, employment relations and social insurance expert student of the University of Szeged. As a person with reduced capacity of work I am the colleague of the Foundation since June, 2015 where I can practice the knowledge I gain during my studies. In my free time I wanted to work something that makes other people's lives full of experiences and more beautiful. This is how I met the Foundation where I started as a volunteer helping in the workshops. As I am a helpful and emphatic personality I am happy to take part in the "Get to Know and Accept Me!" programs on the different events as well as in the summer camps where we can share the joy with our disabled friends.
I am think that life is beautiful if you can choose from the possibilities which is the best in that situation and I try to pass on this attitude to those I meet.

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