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Sunny Side Foundation for  the People with Disabilities 

The Sunny Side Foundation was established in 1996 for the disabled people and for those having disadvantages. We workandd organize our programs mostly in Szeged but from time to time in other towns of Hungary too.
What We Offer:

From Monday tu Friday:
1.We started our Personal Assistance Service in November 2007 and since then we have built a network of helpers to facilitate everyday life for those having disabilities.  Among our workers there are also impared people who do home care, shopping, house keeping, cleaning,  hygiene care,  supervising, administrative and other tasks for  old and indigent people.  Our service is free of charge.

Dog Therapy Trained dogs are used in many areas successfully, including medical purposes. They can be efficient where other methods do not work.  Healing and recovery can be faster with a four-legged friend.  The dogs and their keepers practice in specialized institutions to improve the movement, coordination and physical abilities of disabled people. Assistance to Find a Job Vocational guidancefor those looking for a job that is suitable for their conditions as disabled people. Mentoring and advices how to write a CV and information about the rights of disabled employees  are  available. We believe that disabled people can be useful and valuable membetrs of the society. In this spirit most of the colleagues of the foundation have reduced capacity to work but the way they do it is of high standard. 

2.Weekly activities: Creative Workshops for theYoung with Disabilities Our special education teacher , a group of young people with intellectual and other disabilities and wholehearted volunteers fill the room of the foundation week after week. They listen to stories, do creative tasks, act out situations of the story and sing together.   The smiles on the faces tell everything about what these occassions mean to them. Young people living in special institutions because of their need of special care are visited regularly by workers and volunteers of the foundation.  Family can not be replaced but we try to bring some colour and happiness to their life.           

3. Monthly Activities: Programs to Give Entertainment Art therapy, film club, sport, playing various games,  outdoor activities, excursions, zoo, botanical garden,  amusement park, thermal bath and spa, theatre, concerts, etc. Trainings to build self-awareness and  strenghten self-determination.  

4. Summer Activities: Integrated camps for disavled and healthy young people. We organize 6-8 camps every year that means that 5-600 individuals can enjoy   various activities like creative, sport or developmental programs.  For many of them these holidays are the only chance to  forget everyday life. The teams of these camps are completed by enthusiastic volunteers. 

5. Get to Know and Accept Me: With this interactive program we would like to introduce the lives of disabled people. You can try  what kind of difficulties must be solved if you can not see, hear or walk as a healthy mabn. There are many challenges in a life of a  visually or hearing impaired or somebody who  uses a wheelchair. In most of the cases you can use another organ of sense, in other cases some help is needed. Participating in our program you can learn how to assist a disablled person. At first sight you may think that our tools and the tasks are just a game but for other people they mean much more.

With this program we visit schools, festivals and other events throughout the year.
The Sunny Side Foundation organizes fundraising events to finance  treatment and therapy of disabled people who otherwise can not afford medication. Our aim is to promote equal opportunities for disadvantaged people  and to rehabilite and integrate children and adults with disabilities to our society. 

As everybody, people with disadvantages have the right to live a life of dignity and happiness.

The Sunny Side Foundation for the People with Disability  thanks everybody who helped  us with  gifts, grants and their voluntary work. We still ned these  offeringsso we can keep on working for the people with disadvantages.

Invoice number: 10700062-48546201-51100005

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Love cures people, both the ones who give it, and the ones who receive it."

Dr. Karl Menninger

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