Napos Oldal a Sérült Emberekért Alapítvány

„Küldetésünk, hogy teljesebbé tegyük a fogyatékossággal élők életét."
"A szeretet gyógyítja az embert, azt is aki adja, azt is aki kapja."


"Get to Know and Accept Me!"
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The first aim of the Sunny Side Foundation for People with Disability is to bring closer the life of people with impairments to others. That is why we worked out this program, pricipally for children and youngsters. We present the lives of disabled people in schools. Part of the program is the Ability Park that we build up on other events too. We are happy to bring it to your institution/family day/teambuilding etc. as well to make it more colorful and exciting. More information: Zsuzsanna Mihaly: (+36-20/367-9106) and Melinda Szabo: (+36-20/255-0522). You can ask us about our lives freely, there are no taboos. You can try out special tools that make the everyday easier for disabled people.

The challenges we invite you to tackle:
1. Blindness
- glasses that simulate eye problems
- dark room (where you can try out how you could shop without seeing)
- Braille typewriter with ABC
- Speaking tools (sphygmomanometer, kitchen scale, fever thermometer)
- white stick
- tactile games
You also can ask about our colleague's guide dog.

2. Physical Disabilities
- wheelchair
- crutches
- course with barriers

3. Hearing Impairment
- how to communicate with sign language
- situation games

4. Mental Disabilities
- simulation games

We find it important to meet people with disabilities from childhood on to be open, more emphatic and to know how to help each other as an adult. In our programs you can talk with impaired people who introduce their lives and tell stories about their personal experiences. Besides our Ability Park the "Get to Know and Accept Me!" program can be organized in schools in 2 ways: in classrooms or in gyms.

1. In classrooms: a free talk based on experiences concerning topics of everyday life like recreation, transport, work and family.
2. In gyms: the way disabled people can enjoy sport. Let's compete in wheelchairs, and play goal ball, the game for visually impaired people!

The mission of the Foundation is to open the life of disabled people to others. These lives may seem to be closed but if you get the chance to peek into it, you will meet lovable, interesting people and heartwarming stories. The program is led by people with disabilities who are ready to share their experiences.
More information and registration:
Zsuzsanna Mihaly: (+36-20/367-9106) and Melinda Szabo: (+36-20/255-0522).

e-mailben: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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