Napos Oldal a Sérült Emberekért Alapítvány

„Küldetésünk, hogy teljesebbé tegyük a fogyatékossággal élők életét."
"A szeretet gyógyítja az embert, azt is aki adja, azt is aki kapja."


Dog Therapy for disabled children and adults
organized by the Foundation
Dog Therapy on video: here
Photos about the Dog Therapy

Our Foundation provides dog therapy every week with 2 trained dogs.

 Erika Nadai  and her dog  Mustachio'd  work as therapists in special institutions and at other events in Szeged and in the region.
 Kinga Gardai and her dog
  Coconut  do dog therapy in special institutions and at other events in Budapest and in its region.
 Monika Csaszar  and her dog  Liza  do dog therapy in special institutions and at other events in Szeged and in the region.


Click on the photo to download the slideshow about our Dog Therapy(2012) Click on the photo to download the slideshow about our Dog Therapy (2011)

Dog Therapy (01/2009-02/2012) 
Instructor of therapy: Noemi Erdelyi

The trained dogs:
Name of the dog: Faithfful Eyed Anett (FANCY)
Year of birth: 04.06.2002.
Type: Golden retriever
Sex:: female
Name of the dog: Tódi
Year of birth: 01.27.2006.
Type: Golden retriever
Sex:: sterilized male
Name of the dog: Tádé
Year of birth: 11.09.2008.
Type: Golden retriever
Sex:: female

Therapy Program

Name of institution:

Kozmutza Flora Kindergarten, Primary School, Technical School, Dormitory and Children's Home

Address of the institution:

6800 Hódmezővásárhely, Kutasi út 34-36.
Director: Megyesi Istvánné

Target Groups:

- Mentally disabled children (children with intellectual disabilities, autistic children) 
- Physically disabled children
- Children with multiple impairment

First Steps of the Therapy:

- Getting in touch with the director of the institution
- Introducing dog therapy
- Forming groups in cooperation with the children's special education teacher

- Getting to know each other:
introduction of the dogs to the children (to make linkage and emotional bond between all the participants)

- Plan of improvement:
defining goals, methods and tools (to fit individually as well) 

- start of the therapy:
regular consultations with the special education teacher and the parents

Students of the Institution:

- 17 groups, 150 children:
2 groups of kindergarteners, 1 group of autistic children, 1 group of children of physical disability, 5 groups out of 1st-8th classes of the technical school.

Organization of the Target Groups:

- Combining timetables adjusting to the students' schedule
- Every group and class participates weekly in the therapy
- Individual therapy: every day in the first and the last class
- Children's Home: therapy during the summer break

The Therapy

1st semester:

Getting acquainted with the groups of children and the teachers, planning of the steps of their therapy, introduction of the dogs. Selection of the children who need individual therapy, planning of their therapy. Commencing with the therapies.
Open class to show how dog therapy works. Presentation about the beginning of the therapies.

2nd semester:

Consultation about the experiences and results, evaluation. Drafting of the new timetable. Development plans: goals and concrete steps to reach them. Preparation for the open class in the end of the shool year. Holding the open class. Consultation about the work of the year: experiences and results. Preparation for the next year.

Summer therapy work:

Therapy for those living in the Children's Home.

Participation in Professional Trainings:

- Regular contact and consultation with other organizations of dog therapy, (PACSI, KEA)
- Participation at professional conferences.
- Training of the dogs, continuously.

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