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„Küldetésünk, hogy teljesebbé tegyük a fogyatékossággal élők életét."
"A szeretet gyógyítja az embert, azt is aki adja, azt is aki kapja."


Personal Assistance Service
Personal Assistance Service video: here

The Sunny Side Foundation for People with Disabilities offers the following services for those living with disabilities and for elderly people with the help of colleagues who have reduced capacity to work: (All services are free of charge!):
» Personal assistance
» Conversation with or advice from people who are also challenged in their lives
» Occupational Rehabilitation Service

Personal Assistance:
4 of our colleagues work as assistants every day and help 20-25 clients in their households and in organizing leisure time programs in cooperation with the Foundation's assistant. They visit and help youngsters living in institutions. Giving help in the client's home and other personal assistances e.g. shopping, cleaning, buying the medicines, bringing lunch, hygienic care, administration tasks, supervising, accompanying, etc. Social and official administration, filling in forms, representation in offices, collecting information about all the support and help available, etc.
More informatio: Kata Takacs Tel: 06-30/323-7057 

Sorstársi tanácsadás:
2 disabled colleagues help by sharing their experiences with everyone who turns to them. They can be reached every day to give encouragement to recently impaired people. The way they live and think after having accepted their situation proves that despite having permanent impairment it is possible to live a whole and happy life. Our recently impaired clients can learn everyday practices (e.g. how to get in and out from their wheelchairs, how to put on clothes, how to eat, self-hygiene, how to be more self-sufficient and independent etc.).
More information: Andrea Szabo Boronyakne Tel: 06-20/429-4404 

Mentor Assistances for Rehabilitation:
We offer the following services for people with disabilities free of charge:
- Help in everyday problems that occur in an impaired person's life.

Giving advice individually or in teams:
- Mapping the personal needs (taking into account the individual circumstances and state of health).

- Naming and handling the factors that help or hinder to get a job  with the help of other proffessionals (special trainers, psychologists etc.).
- Surveying the skills and  abilities (orientating or modifying profession individually and in teamwork)..
- Job applications (writing CV, outlining motivations).
- Preparing for job interviews (etiquett, verbal and non-verbal signs, etc.)
- Finding trainings and jobs.
- How to keep the job and build and maintain good relationship with the collegaues.
Services for Employers:
- Supporting the first steps in a new job according to the possibilities (make contact with employers, mediation between the employer and the employee, information about the rehabilitating contribution, and the reductions for those employing disabled people)

- Mapping the jobs that are suitable for people who have some kind of disability
More informatio: Kata Takacs Tel: 06-30/323-7057 


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